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A perched belted kingfisher taken at Hazel Wolf Preserve, Sammamish, WA. 


8 printed cards on heavyweight stock with envelopes. Folding 5x7 card design.


Each card comes with some fun facts about the bird species printed on the top inside. Main inside card tab is blank.


Customize the card's front message on


Inside caption: Belted kingishers get their name from the blue-gray band that goes across their chest forming a kind-of belt. They can be found near rivers, lakes, and wetlands across North America.


They are fun to watch as they perform a bit of aerobatics - hovering over the water like a hummingbird before diving head first into the water to snatch fish and other prey with their bill. Hazel Wolf Preserve, Sammamish, WA



Belted Kingfisher - 5x7 Greeting Card (Pack of 8)

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