Why Choose Seattle Adventure Photos?

My name is Tom Vaughn. I took my first bald eagle photo tour about 8 years ago. While the guide took us to an amazing location, there wasn't much in the way of instruction. He told me to bring my longest zoom lens, which at the time was 400mm. But the guide never informed me that I would need a 500mm lens or greater to get the best shots.


If I had known that it was only $30 to rent a 500mm lens and $10 to rent a gimbal fluid motion head, I would have done so in a heartbeat. But I didn't know.

So when I started my own photo tour company, I vowed that I would offer a better experience. The point of a photo tour is to capture amazing shots. That's what makes us different. We strive to help everyone bring the gear they'll need to get the amazing shots that are possible at our wonderful locations.

We help you rent the gear you'll need, and provide all the teachings necessary to get the perfect shot at each location. We pride ourselves on offering 1-on-1 education to master your camera and the techniques to get amazing photos.

We help you understand your camera's settings, the techniques to get perfect focus, and the guidance to make sure you understand what goes into capturing the perfect photo. We also help you understand the gear and why it's necessary to get jaw-dropping photos in our custom Pacific Northwest photo tours.

We are here to help. Get in touch and let us know what kind of photos you're looking to achieve. We bring everything you'll need to get them and amaze your friends with your professional-looking photos.

Email: info@seattleadventurephotos.com

Phone: 425-224-5306

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